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Shared Living in Los Angeles & Hollywood


Finding favorable shared living conditions in Los Angeles & Hollywood can be stressful. From roommate sites that ask for subscription fees yet they offer little help to obvious craigslist scams. Fortunately, we can help you find cheap rooms for rent or even shared living that works for you in Los Angeles.


Shared Living in Los Angeles & Hollywood

One of the best ways to find a compatible roommate in LA is by networking. Your relatives, colleagues, friends, and neighbors may know someone who’s looking for roommates. You can even extend your search to social media. But when you need to find shared living fast in Los Angeles, you can take advantage of our extensive network in the city to find an accommodation you like within your budget, and match you up with people that you can get along with.


Cheap Rooms for Rent in Los Angeles & Hollywood

Cheap rooms for rent in Los Angeles & Hollywood can be hard to find, but there are plenty of shared living options here at Upstart Creative Living you’ll be sure to love. In addition to finding accommodation that fits your budget, having a roommate can prove to be fun. Sometimes it ca be hard to live in the big city of LA and find new friends. But if you live with a person whom you have a similar mindset or interest – like the creative individuals living here at Upstart -  shared living can be a very rewarding experience.


Bedroom for Rent in Los Angeles

If you’re planning a move to LA, renting a bedroom for a shared living arrangement is a great way to not only reduce your living costs, but also make genuine friends who can help you start your new life in Los Angeles.


Everyone at UpStart Creative Living started exactly where you are - looking for good, affordable rooms for rent in Los Angeles with zero or nearly zero friends or connections in the city. We know your current situation, and are always willing to accept new, like-minded members to our family.


We make it easy for you to bond, make friends, and build professional networks with other members in our different networks by arranging different activities such as weekly family dinners, open mic and live concerts by our own members, guest speakers and workshops, outdoor adventures like hiking and beach trips, and so much more.


Contact us today for help finding affordable accommodation in LA.

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