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Room Share Los Angeles: Rooms for Rent in Los Angeles     


Living in Los Angeles can be expensive.


So when moving here, you should have a good plan for minimizing your costs; perhaps one that includes reducing your rent through shared living. Having a roommate in LA can allow you to save lots of cash that you can use to advance your music or acting career.


Rooms for Rent in Los Angeles

You will soon realize that it is much easier and cheaper to rent a room in LA compared to getting an entire place for yourself. This is mostly because landlords are wary of movers coming from outside LA. Unless you have a lot of cash at hand, reaching an agreement with your landlord to rent a one bedroom by yourself can be very tough.


Fortunately, if you’re moving to LA to pursue your dreams in theater, film acting, music, voice acting, and other performing industry jobs, we can link you up with people of similar interests for compatible shared living arrangements.


Cheap Rooms for Rent in Los Angeles

The standard monthly rent in LA is $1,500, with apartment prices ranging from $1,100 to $2,000 for 1 bedroom. We can help you find good accommodation for way less, especially when you consider room share options in Los Angeles. Although living with a stranger in a new city initially doesn’t seem like a very good idea, having a roommate is the only way to access cheap rooms for rent in Los Angeles. As an aspiring actor, cheap accommodation leaves you with spare cash to actively pursue your goals.


A word of caution: be careful when considering cheap rooms for rent in Los Angeles for $500, $400, $300 and less - these sound like too good to be true and they usually are.


Bedroom for Rent in Los Angeles

Finding roommates in LA is a smart way to reduce costs when living on a shoestring budget. But with the risk of being robbed, hurt, or inconvenienced, this can be a tough process. But when you have common interests and a third party looking out for you, it can work.


If you’re considering shared living in Los Angeles, we are always ready to accept new members in our shared living arrangement in different locations.


With UpStart Creative Living, you get more than a bedroom for rent. We are a family that regularly meets and interacts through weekly family dinners, open mic and live concerts by our own members, guest speaker series so we can learn from others in the industry, group workshops to help polish your skills, adventures like beach visits and mountain climbing, and so much more.


Contact us today to check the availability of a bedroom for rent in LA and join our family.

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