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Meet Model Amara Agomuo

Updated: Sep 7, 2019

Amara Agomuo worked as an associate producer at CNN and as a content strategist for a Fortune 17 company - but decided that creativity was her true calling. She moved to Los Angeles from Ohio to purse modeling, and found home in the UP(st)ART community.

UP(st)ART: What’s your art?

Amara: Modeling. I worked a corporate job that I completely hated back in Ohio. I remember getting fed up and quitting, then jumping into freelance modeling. After my first shoot, I garnered a lot of admires and did about six shoots in two months. After hitting my peak, I shortly set my sights on LA with just two months of modeling under my belt. 

What’s your dream job?

That's a tough one. I honestly would love to become an international model because that combines my love for modeling with my fascination of the world. I also would love to become an actress in Marvel (what's up Black Panther 2) or some sci-fi movie. 

What inspires you?

God. I'm deeply spiritual and believe that everyone has a purpose and that even the most unfortunate circumstances help get you to where you need to be. Back in March before moving to LA, my face was covered in painful hives that stripped off all the skin on my face - including my eyelids. I remember praying for a miracle and asking God that if he healed me I would put everything into modeling and start living out my purpose. Looking back today, that experience helped me become not only the healthiest I've ever been, but the most confident in my career journey. 

What do you do to stay focused and balanced?

Since I'm so early in my career, a five-year plan always freaks me out. I make a 30-day, all-or-nothing plan. This means, every month I assume I just have 30 days in LA and make sure I hit everything and anything I can. This motivates me to look at each day as a new opportunity - while also motivating me to find work that can pay my rent for the next month :) Living in the moment also reminds me to have "me time" and to listen to myself whenever I feel tired and fueling myself with the rest that I need. 

What’s one cool that happened to you lately?

I recently got signed to Q Models!! :)

What do you like about living with UP(st)ART?

The community definitely. I contribute my success in becoming a signed model to my housemates. Whenever I questioned if I was good enough to model, they not only supported me, but used their resources (videography, photography, styling) to build my portfolio. You honestly don't meet a lot of people like that and living in a creative house makes my ambitions seem less weird. UP(st)ART overall has a lot of successful and intriguing people that I'm just blessed to know.

Photo by Dan Ostergren

Follow Amara's journey on Instagram @miss_amara!

See updates from UP(st)ART at @upstartcreative.

Photos from Dan Ostergren; Amara Agomuo

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