Meet Dancer Uliya Tsybulka!

UP(st)ART: What’s your art?

Uliya: My main art (or the creative field I’m the most active in at the moment) is dance. Originally from Belarus, I danced in and won multiple championships in my country as well as in other European countries, performed at shows and taught dance classes. Having had a long break from dancing due to an injury, I’m finally back at it and LA is a great place to be for what I do. So far, since moving here this year, I became a member of a dance academy membership program which has been very challenging physically and mentally. My main focus at this moment is training and getting back into my body. Additionally I’m a yoga teacher which is also an art of its own. Since moving to LA I started subbing at an amazing yoga studio in Echo Park and this month I finally got my own class on the schedule. What I’m also curious about is writing poetry and songwriting and singing. UP(st)ART provides a great opportunity to develop that with all the workshops we can take here as well as being inspired by and learning from all the creatives I live with.

What’s your longterm goal?

I tend to live in the moment and act intuitively. I do want to pursue performing especially here in LA but recently a new goal has started to make shape for me: to integrate my knowledge of the embodiment practices and meditation and merge it with my growing passion of psychology and neuroscience and I'm gradually moving in that direction.

What’s the best advice you ever got?

Practice everything in moderation, including moderation! You have to live a little and rest, even if it feels counterintuitive. Regenerating will ultimately make you perform better. If we, as artists, don't live our fullest and richest life, and pay attention to our personal narrative, what can we truly give and share?

What do you want to contribute to the world?

Through my own experience, I want to inspire people to live authentically and to unlearn any internalized "truths" they didn't choose for themselves. It's a journey I'm still on and I want to run it through my own system first and then share it with people.

What do you like about living at UP(st)ART?

My favorite part about UP(st)ART is the community aspect of it; it's so healing. Living nowadays, especially in big cities can feel so isolating and it was a true gift to meet and live around so many talented and fun individuals right after I moved to LA. We all work together, collaborate, help, and listen to each other and simply hang out and have fun. It's also very motivating to be around people who are actively pursuing their craft and changing their lives, it makes me inspired to do the same and avoid being stagnant and stuck.

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