We have locations throughout Los Angeles, take a look below and see where you'd like to live. For the privacy of our members we don't publicly list our exact locations. Please contact us for more details.

Hobart House

East Hollywood

Amenities: Large recording studio, art space, dance studio, self tape room/photo studio, printer, computers, movie theater, pod beds, coin-op laundry


Hoover St. House

Silver Lake

Amenities: Photo studio, office space, printer, house computer, piano, guitars, outdoor hammocks, coin-op laundry


Van Ness House

Franklin Village

Amenities: Large recording studio, electric drum kit, guitars, piano, office space, printer, house computer, outdoor hammocks, free fruit from the trees, coin-op laundry


Sunset House

Echo Park

Amenities: Large recording studio, guitars, office space, printer, house computer, indoor stage, photo studio, pod beds, coin-op laundry


Harvard House

East Hollywood

Amenities: Recording studio, coin op laundry, walking distance to amenities at Hobart House


Country Club

Mid City

Amenities: Self tape room, movie theater, office space, printer, bunk beds, coin-op laundry


Cloverdale House

Mid City

Amenities: Self tape backdrops, coin-op laundry, mix of bunk and pod beds 



East Hollywood

Amenities: Dance room with ballet bar, movie projector, quiet room/study area, gym equipment, shares amenities with Hobart and Harvard



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Los Angeles, California


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