Your monthly membership fee is always due on the 1st of each month through Appfolio.

Once you have been in UP(st)ART for a month or more, you will get a notification that you have had an Appfolio created for you. If you still do not have one, email before the rent is due to have one created.

The payment options through Appfolio are:

1) E-Check bank transfer (Free; US bank accounts)
2) Credit or debit card (Usually around a $20 fee)

3) Cash to a 7-11 or CVS (You should see an additional email from Appfolio's Payslip system with a barcode that you can take to a 7-11 or CVS cashier. They will scan the barcode, and then the cash automatically updates to your Appfolio account.)  ($3.99 fee) If you can't find your email with a barcode, email

Late Payments

Late fees are $20/day for any payments made after the 1st. Your full membership fee and all late fees for that month must be paid by the 15th at the very latest to continue your UP(st)ART membership.

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