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UP(st)ART offers month-to-month fully furnished shared bedrooms designed for creatives in a community of other artists, actors, photographers, musicians, models, writers and more. 


🎸Recording studio time included

🎭Self tape room spaces included

💃Dance studio access included

😎Make friends with similar interests in Los Angeles!


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Facilities Built for Creatives

Amenities vary by location.  

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Theater Spaces

Recording Studios

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Self Tape Space


Workout Spaces


Try out different neighborhoods in LA with our eight locations.


Shared Bedrooms

We offer all shared bedrooms to maximize affordability. All our spaces are furnished. 


Pod Bed

bunk bed.jpg

Bunk Bed

inside of a pod bed - smaller size.jpg

Pod Bed

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Bunk Bed

Community Events

We host activities designed to help you meet like-minded creatives, help you hone your craft, and explore the city. All events are free - included in the cost of living with us. 

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Youth Dance Group
Behind the Scenes

The Experience

Biz Betzing1-min.png

Biz, model

UP(st)ART allowed me to transition solo from across the country to a foreign city and instantly be surrounded by community, culture, and creativity. Some of my greatest memories will always be those nights singing songs around the fire, house concerts that led to spontaneous dance parties, and being able to cheer & root on others as they dive in to their wildest dreams!

karl j-min.png

Karl, DJ

Anna, singer

UP(st)ART has enabled me to gain the connections and friends I’ve needed to comfortably begin my career in music and entertainment in Los Angeles in the quickest way possible. It has also given me resources such as a recording studio at an affordable rate like no other living community would...and I have been able to work and interact with some of the most talented individuals I could’ve hoped for when moving to LA. 

UP(st)ART is the best thing that could have happened to me, moving across the country to LA and not knowing many people. UP(st)ART provided me with not only a beautiful place to live, but also with an incredible community of people with whom I had the opportunity to build friendships and collaborate!

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