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Creative Artist Housing Los Angeles


Los Angeles is characterized by its vibrant entertainment scene. It is the city that every artist dreams to thrive in. But before you can start working on your goals, you need to overcome one big hurdle first: finding good, affordable housing. Most of the cheap rooms available for rent are terrible, so you’ll likely need to find a roommate in the city for decent housing with your own bedroom and some shared facilities.


Cheap Rooms for Rent in Los Angeles

Once you make the decision to reduce your rent and split it with roommates, you can either sign a lease yourself and then start the process of finding a roommate, or rent a bedroom from someone else. The former option is a hassle with LA’s strict landlords and the challenge of interviewing roommates.


Finding affordable artist housing in LA need not be such a hassle. At UpStart Creative Living, we provide shared accommodation for individuals venturing into the performance industry. With multiple locations across the city, we can easily connect you with people you share similar interests with, and would make good roommates.


Musician Housing Los Angeles

As an aspiring or struggling musician, you need to network extensively for your career to kick off. Living in LA is a big step in itself. But with shared living, you have the opportunity to meet other professionals in your industry who can help you grow your network, bigger and faster. More exposure will lead to more performances and more money. But this strategy starts with getting good roommates, which is something we can help with.


Affordable Artist Housing in Los Angeles

Our mission is to bring together people from different disciplines to interact, collaborate, or just refocus, through cost-effective, shared living - Rooms for Rent in Los Angeles. We know how hard it can be to make real friends in the City of Los Angeles. And with a busy schedule, trying to balance work and studies while pursuing your dream, your social life can be non-existent.


Because UpStart Creative Living only deals with artists, we can plan events to help our members network and grow professionally. We organize speakers from your field, workshops to help refine your skills, open mic and concert nights by our own members to showcase their talents, and even outdoor activities like mountain climbing, hiking, and beach visits to let loose and network. And every week, we can share in the joy of each others successes at the weekly family dinners.


To join our family and find affordable accommodation in LA, please contact us.

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