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Up(st)art gaurantees a high quality experience

If you’ve looked for apartments before you know that one thing that’s always highlighted are the amenities.


One thing people don’t realize is that apart from the different aesthetics, all apartment buildings are essentially the same. They’re simply a place where a bunch of random people live and occasionally use the basic amenities that are available to everyone.


In the Los Angeles area, it’s also incredibly expensive to do this.

If you’ve just moved to the area, or are an artist or creative entrepreneur, this isn’t really an ideal situation…


Not only is the price out of also are disconnected from your peers or mentors in the one place you spend a great deal of your time…home.


With a “home” like your average apartment building, there is no purpose other than to have a place for your bed, dishes, and TV.


How does that make any sense?


We take a different approach here at UP(st)ART.


UP(st)ART Creative is more than just a place to live. We provide an experience unlike any other. 


We provide amenities that allow you to work on what you love most, whether you collaborate or go solo. Either way, you get access to amenities that no other apartment building can give you- even in Los Angeles.

With a membership at UP(st)ART, you can get access to all of the following amenities to help you progress in your career, get to know your fellow creatives, or just relax:

inside studio-min.jpg

Recording Studio

Record and mix your music projects in our recording studios with access to the proper equipment, creative space, and even instruments, at most of our locations.

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Art Studio

Experiment, express, and create beautiful works of art in our fully equipped studio designed to help you tap into the deepest recesses of your creative urge.

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Movement Studio

Movement is a truly beautiful form of art. Everything from dancing to fitness can be done in our movement studios where you get space you need to either create or stay healthy!

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Self Tape Studio

We have dedicated spaces for you to create all those audition tapes you need to help you land new roles as you advance your acting career. This includes the necessary equipment to create a great tape!

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Movie Theater

Take a break and enjoy some good entertainment in one of our movie theaters. Appreciating great films in a proper theater environment is always just a few steps away!

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Common Areas

Spend quality time getting to know your peers and neighbors, eat meals, play games, and more. These areas are specifically designed to help foster community amongst our members.

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