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Cheap Rooms for Rent in Los Angeles


Looking for cheap rooms for rent in Los Angeles that are cheap, affordable and still get you excited to live there? Consider joining us here at Upstart Creative Living.


Cheap Rooms for Rent in Los Angeles

Living with one or more roommates in LA is can be a great experience especially since all of you will likely have common interests and goals as aspiring actors, musicians, and performers. There are many people looking for cheap accommodation in LA, and we help pair you with people you can live with, who match your creative ambitions. You not only get to split the rent, so you only pay a few hundred dollars, but can even choose to share groceries, shopping, bills, and other costs to drastically reduce your costs in the city of dreams. Room Share Los Angeles


Rooms for Rent Los Angeles $300

Not everyone can afford to share a 2-bedroom apartment and split the $2,500 monthly rent two-ways, but be wary of “bottom-of-the-barrel” rooms for rent in Los Angeles for $300 and less.


Consider room-sharing instead. If you don’t mind multiple roommates, you can afford good housing in LA for a reasonable amount of money. This can be an exciting arrangement for people who love to make new friends, especially since you have a unique opportunity to grow your network exponentially through your roommates.


Rooms for Rent Los Angeles $400

3-4 people sharing arrangements are pretty common in LA. We can help you find potential roommates you’re compatible with before moving in, for happier outcomes and a better connection to the local scene.

When you come across rooms for rent in Los Angeles for $400 or less, usually, there is a catch: old furniture, broken domestic appliances and other headaches.


Rooms for Rent Los Angeles $500

The average roommate rent in LA is $750 for a 2-bedroom apartment. If you don’t mind living with a third person, your rent may drop to $500 per month for a 3-bedroom apartment.


Be wary of bad neighborhoods though and shoot for a little bit more for a nice and modern apartment.


Bedroom for Rent in Los Angeles & Hollywood

Even for open-minded people, it can be hard to get along with roommates from different backgrounds or cultures if your interests are completely different.


We, at UpStart Creative Living can help to narrow down your options for the best possible match, and make your experience pleasant with our range of fun activities. From hiking and mountain climbing to in-house open mic and live concerts by our own members to guest speakers and workshops for some encouragement and skill-building, you will have an opportunity to meet, network, make friends, and grow your career, all at the same time.


Get in touch with us to check the availability of a bedroom for rent in LA and join our family.  

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