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Always Something Fun at UP(st)ART 

What’s the worst part about living on your own in a new city? Or even just the worst part about trying to make your way through life on your own path?


Being alone.


This can happen from working a lot…


Or maybe you just haven’t found the right club or group yet…


The bottom line is that not being around others, having fun, learning, or building relationships can suck the energy right out of you.


We were made to live together, to enjoy life with those who lift us up.


As artists, creatives, and entrepreneurs we know the world is more than just paying bills and working shifts.


The most beautiful parts of life lie beyond the typical activities of daily life, and are found in the incredible ability we all have found to create and experience the magnificent feeling of self-expression, creation, and exploration.


That’s why we’re so passionate about our dreams.


More Than Just A Place to Live

There's more to life than going through the motions, and there's more to us than a place to stay.

At UP(st)ART you'll find:

  • Experiences

  • Community

  • Opportunities for Growth

  • New relationships

  • Memories

This is a place feel fulfilled, enriched, and surrounded by great people.

We know that just as our creations bring value to the world, we also believe that having a community brings life to what we do.

During your time at UP(st)ART we guarantee that you will always find something enriching to fill your time.


One of the best things things our members get to enjoy is a variety of activities that help you make the most of your time here.

Included in your membership fee are regular activities - which range from family dinners to creative classes to group workshops to house concerts to summer beach trips - and lots of things in between!


The mission: to bring people of all different disciplines in one place to interact, collaborate, or sometimes just refocus.


Guest Speakers


Hear from others in your field in our guest speaker series. There’s always something new to learn.


Classes and Workshops

Acting classes, dance classes, vocal lessons and more! 

Family Dinners


Our regular family dinners are always a favorite. Come, cook, eat, and catch up with other members!

Open Mics


Live music and spoken word from members, either in one of our locations or under the stars!


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