UP(st)ART is a shared space where artists, actors, musicians, DJs, models, comedians, writers, directors and dancers live, play, collaborate, and create together. 

Live month to month with other creatives. Focus on your art, not waiting tables in order to cover rent on a $1,500 studio apartment that will trap you in a 12-month lease. After all, you may book a role in New York next month! 


Our low monthly cost includes access to facilities (WiFi, desk spaces, recording studios, musical instruments, etc. - facilities vary by location), admittance to all our activities (family dinners, workshops, guest speakers), and a bunk bed or pod bed in one of our guest rooms. 


As a private club, we have a thorough application process, admitting a diverse group of people based on their art and ambition rather than their credit score or income. 



"I was so nervous to move out to LA alone, but I immediately felt at home at UP(st)ART. The group activities are so much fun and incredibly useful if you are looking to jump start your career in the entertainment industry. My first night, I joined the 48-hour film festival activity. After the first weekend I had already gained quality footage for my reel!

I met so many amazing people that I am still friendly with today.  I would not have been able to survive in LA those first few months without UP(st)ART."

Sarah C., East Hollywood House

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Los Angeles, California


+1 323 963 3328

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