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What is Communal Living?

Communal living is the sharing of living spaces by many people. This includes rooms, common areas, amenities, facilities, and more! 


UP(st)ART Creative has taken communal living in Los Angeles by storm with cheap rent and great amenities!

To our artists, creative entrepreneurs, and performers: We understand the allure of moving to Los Angeles. 


It’s an amazing city filled with all sorts of opportunities for advancement, success, adventure, and self-expression. However, it is also a city known for expensive living. UP(st)ART Creative is one of the best ways to find affordable places to live in the Los Angeles area.


How can we make such a thing possible? Through the power of communal living.

A city like LA is full of immense opportunities for those of younger generations, but it simply is too hard for us  to live here…

While some people might think this is a new trend that will fade out after a few years, communal living has been around for centuries of human history. It’s natural for humans to live in groups, more so than it is to pay outrageous amounts of money to live in a popular area.


That’s the benefit to you. Living in a nice place in a city like LA without having to work three jobs to cover your rent and utilities. You simply get to work towards your highest goals and ambitions without wondering how you’re going to make ends meet!

If you’re an artist or creative entrepreneur, you also get the added benefit of being around people just like you. Everyone here at UP(st)ART Creative has chosen the communal living path because of the cost savings and the benefit of having their peers around them every day.



Our brilliant team here at UP(st)ART Creative discovered how we could...




UP(st)ART is fully committed to providing all the benefits of communal living to our residents- and then some.


We are a shared space where artists, actors, musicians, DJs, models, comedians, writers, directors and dancers live, play, collaborate, and create together.  We are the #1 option for communal living in Los Angeles.​ Here, you can live month to month with other creatives. Focus on your art or craft without the stress of having to cover rent on a $1,500 studio apartment that will trap you in a 12-month lease.


 After all, you may book a role in New York next month! 


You could land a deal in another part of the world!


Our low monthly cost includes access to facilities (WiFi, desk spaces, recording studios, musical instruments, etc. - facilities vary by location), admittance to all our activities (family dinners, workshops, guest speakers), and a bunk bed or pod bed in one of our guest rooms. 


As a private club, we have a thorough application process, admitting a diverse group of people based on their art and ambition rather than their credit score or income. 

When we first got started, there was nothing in town that provided for such a big need in the arts community. Now, our popularity has skyrocketed, because so many people coming to this city each year are in your same exact situation.

Wanting to achieve great things.

Unsure how they’ll make ends meet.

Desiring to make new friends.

Looking for a place to simply be themselves.

Finding a place that offered an affordable place to live with an environment centered around communal living in the Los Angeles area allowed us to provide this community the change they needed. In addition to reducing their living expenses, we built a community of people with similar passions. People of all different backgrounds, belief systems, and trades.

The diversity you encounter from a communal living environment like UP(st)ART Creative is one of the biggest benefits we could ever offer.

Here, you’ll find people from all walks of all life. With many talents and goals. You’ll find people to help with your auditions. People who can add value to your business. Members you can partner with on new projects.  When you’re surrounded by great people and in an environment that all contributes to the creative process, the possibilities are truly endless in a city like this.

We help give you that chance here at UP(st)ART.

So what sets UP(st)ART apart from the other coliving communities in the LA area?

Simple: we know what your situation feels like...and we wish we had access to things that would have helped propel us forward. We wish we had such close proximity to a community like this.

UP(st)ART Creative was made with all of that in mind.

It was made to help people like us...people like you. Our team has taken communal living in Los Angeles to an entirely different level. Here, it’s more than just a truly is a community.

In fact, our approach to communal living has made such a big impact on our members over the years that we have been featured in a variety of publications.


For more, you can check out our press page here.

When you choose UP(st)ART, you get more than just an apartment with random neighbors. With UP(st)ART, you find community. That means friends, colleagues, partners, and all the tools and resources you need to achieve your wildest dreams…

Are you wanting to move to Los Angeles and need to find an affordable place to live? Come apply to be a member at UP(st)ART Creative, and get more than you ever imagined was possible.

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We'd love to have you be part of the UP(st)ART Creative family.

Come join us!

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UP(st)ART Member Profile Ocean Pleasant

UP(st)ART Member Profile Ocean Pleasant

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Live at UP(st)ART!

Live at UP(st)ART!

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What is UP(st)ART Creative Living?

What is UP(st)ART Creative Living?

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