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Are you an artist or creative looking for a place to live in LA?

Whether you're new in town or grew up in Southern California, you know just how special LA can be for us creatives.

LA is a big city...and it’s full of big dreams and big opportunity.

It's also an easy place to get lost in the flow of the giant metropolis, sucked into day-to-day life.

The best thing you can have as a creative amidst all that is a community and a home, filled with people and resources that enrich your work.

When it comes to starting your career in a city like this, not just any apartment complex or even community living space will do. It's best to have a space that allows us to be ourselves, amongst like minded people who are sharing a journey similar to ours.

That's what makes finding a place you can truly call home so important.

A place that will help you thrive. A place with people who feel like family. A place that allows you to work freely.

That place is UP(st)ART Creative.

UP(st)ART is dedicated to providing high quality artist housing and creative living right here in Los Angeles.

We believe this is a city where your wildest dreams, hopes, and goals can become reality. It's our greatest joy to welcome you into our community as you begin that adventure.

The community here at UP(st)ART Creative is here to help with the best options for affordable apartments in Los Angeles, filled with great facilities and amenities to work on your passion.

Here, you can surround yourself with a community of creative people who share the same drive, interests, and ambitions as you.

What could be better than that?

It’s great to be around so many like minded people. 

We’re all just trying to make it big in a city full of possibility, and having a great support network behind you is priceless.

No matter what situation you find yourself in, you’ll find we at UP(st)ART have some of the most affordable and resource-filled options for artist housing in the Los Angeles area.

You get access to some incredible amenities at all of our locations, even more than most normal apartment buildings. Certainly you will get them for a much better price.

Interested in how we make that possible? Find out more here.

You can also check out a list of our locations to see all our different options.


It’s simple. LA is expensive...especially for anyone just starting out in their career. UP(st)ART makes it easier for you to live in this great city without the rent and utilities of your average apartment.


Even with roommates, UP(st)ART is a more affordable option. Yes, you read that right!


There's another, even bigger reason why UP(st)ART is the place to be: Our co-living community is built with artists in mind.


LA is a hub for the arts. Whether it's acting, film, writing, fashion, or anything else, this is the #1 place in the world for creative careers.


The goal at UP(st)ART is to provide creatives with a place to live, a community of fellow artists, and unparalleled resources to help them grow and work on their craft.

With cheaper and more affordable rent, UP(st)ART allows you to spend more time working on what really matters to you.


Here, you can focus on building your portfolio, going to auditions, getting an agent, design work, or writing the next draft of your book.


We help you make living here a possibility while also giving you a space to work on your passion- alone or with others.


With our cheap artist housing options, you have the ability to work less on making ends meet, and more on what you love.



Our members all have one thing in common - they came here with creative ambition.


Our goal is to create an environment for you to pursue your passion, whether that's music, acting, writing, or visual art - and to link you with a network of others who are doing the same.



Our co-living community welcomes people of all backgrounds, nationalities, ethnicities, religions, gender identities, and sexual orientations in order to facilitate a diverse group that can learn from one another.



We offer regular acting classes, dance classes, guest speakers, house concerts, and career-building workshops that help you sharpen your creative skills and establish meaningful relationships with your fellow housemates. The cost of all of these activities is included in your monthly membership!


This is more than just your best option for artist housing in Los Angeles, it’s a place you can call home.


We provide a perfect hassle-free environment, allowing you to move in quickly and not stress about the things you’d have to with a traditional apartment, like paying utilities and moving that heavy sofa up a stairwell. 


Our homes are all beautifully furnished with modern finishes and appliances, along with workspaces, dedicated hang out areas, and all the tools you need as an artist to bring your dreams to life. 


All this with our flexible month-to-month lease options makes UP(st)ART the best coliving space for artists looking to jumpstart their careers.


At all our locations, you can find a variety of amazing facilities designed to make your time at UP(st)ART truly unforgettable.


Record your next album in our onsite recording studios, record your next self tape audition in our designated taping room, or hone your graphic design skills with Adobe Suite, included on our community computers in our workspaces.


Below you can find information on all our amenities.


With so much for you to take advantage of, we’re surely the best option for creative artist housing you’ll find anywhere in LA.


There are plenty of common areas as well, in addition to classes and events so you can learn and get to know your fellow residents better.

Click each one to learn more.


Brooke, Hollywood House

"I couldn't imagine my life/career here in LA without UP(st)ART! It was a great way of making friends and working together to create art. I made many lifelong friends living there and countless memories. AND it launched my career in the film industry!! Very exciting place to live, always something to do and always a place to get away and focus on work."

Jasmine, Echo Park House

"I’m really happy I came to UP(st)ART. I truly believe it helped me a lot. People gave me feedback while I was working on my showreel, and others helped me to build my résumé and my cover letter. One of my roommates took my head shots, which helped me find a talent manager, who signed me, and wants to sponsor me now. I learned a lot in UP(st)ART’s acting class and haven’t miss one week of it. I won friends for life."

Jared, Silver Lake House

By far, THE perfect transition for moving to Los Angeles if you are an artist. UP(st)ART as a group, provides networking events, professional space and a supportive team that really does cater to the individual individial, as well as team. Meeting them, my roommates and entire community was amazing. And the opportunities I had are still paying off. 




Interested in becoming a member?


We’ve been home to tons of creatives just like you, beginning their careers and cravint the community and resources we have to offer.


Here, we help ease the struggles of the starving artist life by giving you great amenities, fun activities, and an affordable place to live in the great city of Los Angeles.


UP(st)ART Creative is a private club, so obtaining a spot at one of our locations requires a thorough application process.


Not to worry though, we admit people into our family based on their art and ambition rather than their credit score or current income.


Because we believe in you, and know you can provide some amazing value to our community.


If you’d like to apply, fill out your application here.


We can’t wait to welcome you to UP(st)ART!


membership@liveatupstart.com  |  Tel: (323) 963-3328

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